Laser Pointer Finder Holder

This 3D printed laser pointer holder is designed to hold the larger JD-850 style laser pointers with the toggle switch on the back, making it ideal for the fixed on/off operation required for a laser guide pointer.  The rings have a 1.125″ clear opening, providing plenty of adjustment range.  The holder fits a standard Vixen style finder dovetail mounting base, making it easy to attach and remove.

Laser, telescope, and other components not included!

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Delta Leg Spreader for Celestron 1.5″ Tripods

This triangular leg spreader for Celestron tripods with 1.5″ legs is compatible with the Celestron NexStar 8SE and other similar tripods.  The spreader contains holes for six 1.25″ eyepieces and three 2″ eyepieces.  The 2″ holes are slotted to allow the legs to close completely with the spreader still attached to the tripod.  Switching between the open and closed position is as simple as loosening the lock knob slightly and rotating the spreader.  The slots have small retaining “bumps” that allow the legs to snap in to the slots and be captured in the closed position.  The spreader is reinforced with large central ribs, while the lens holder portion has a reinforcing perimeter rib, making the entire part extremely rigid.  The spreader is available in a variety of colors and is printed to order.

Tripod, eyepieces, and other components not included!

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