Delta Leg Spreader for Celestron 1.5″ Tripods


Triangular leg spreader and eyepiece holder for Celestron tripods with 1.5″ legs.

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This triangular leg spreader for Celestron tripods with 1.5″ legs is compatible with the Celestron NexStar 8SE and other similar tripods.  The spreader contains holes for six 1.25″ eyepieces and three 2″ eyepieces.  The 2″ holes are slotted to allow the legs to close completely with the spreader still attached to the tripod.  Switching between the open and closed position is as simple as loosening the lock knob slightly and rotating the spreader.  The slots have small retaining “bumps” that allow the legs to snap in to the slots and be captured in the closed position.  The spreader is reinforced with large central ribs, while the lens holder portion has a reinforcing perimeter rib, making the entire part extremely rigid.  The spreader is available in a variety of colors and is printed to order.

If you’re not sure if this will fit your tripod, you can use this print to check against your own measurements.

Tripod, eyepieces, and other components not included!

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5 reviews for Delta Leg Spreader for Celestron 1.5″ Tripods

  1. Eric Grossman

    Hi Do you have a tripod leg spreader for an older Nexstar 8. The legs are 2 inches in diameter? Thanks Eric

    • foegelle

      There are a couple of options there, but any leg slots would not work as eyepiece holders. We can talk offline.

  2. Neil B

    Dear sirs

    I noticed you don’t ship to Ireland. Can i buy the 3D plans for the Delta Leg telescope spreaderand print myself ?

    • Michael Foegelle

      Hi, I can ship internationally, but just don’t have a way to automatically calculate the postage. Send me an email through the contacts page with your shipping address and I can get a custom quote.



  3. Michael Martch

    Hi, I have a Celestron heavy duty tripod 93501-R. It has 2″ legs and was made for the fork mounted C8 and C11 late 80’s early 90’s. I there any reason your leg spreader would not work? Also would it be possible that the slots for the legs could be made to fit the 2″ legs when folded.

    • Michael Foegelle

      Hi Mike,

      From a quick search, I believe that’s the same as the one for my NexStar GPS. In general I believe this one fits, but you can’t really use the eyepiece holder given how high it sits. I’ve created a direct replacement for that original adapter, although now that I have a larger printer, I can probably do it as a one-piece print or at least fewer parts. As far as the openings, you’d lose the use of it as a 2″ eyepiece holder, and the way the legs fold down is wider than the one this is designed for. I’ll try to e-mail you to discuss further.



  4. Benjamin S Bartine

    Would this work with a Meade standard field tripod? It also has 1.5″ legs…


  5. Benjamin S Bartine (verified owner)

    I received my spreader, and can state it works great with my Meade standard field tripod.

    Very nice!

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