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Hi Everyone,

If you’re seeing this, hopefully you’re on our new web server and hopefully everything is going smoothly.  I’d actually posted this yesterday, but something still hadn’t refreshed in my browser and the post ended up on the old site!

After working through some initial headaches, primarily with WordPress and some missing functions in PHP, things now at least seem to be functional.  There are still a few problems with the gallery that I’m working on cleaning up.  These are really the fault of not being able to download the entire old site as a single zip/tarball from my old hosting provider.  In the process of doing a full FTP file transfer through Windows, various file naming conventions caused problems with some directory and file names getting changed, and the hidden thumbnails used for folders in Gallery getting corrupted.  I’m working through those and hope to have the rest resolved tonight.

I was generally happy with my previous service at Hostmonster, but their price had gone up in recent years. When I needed to add some additional services to be able to add an SSL certificate to my wife’s Orion Ranch Spa website, the added cost was absurd. I found X10Hosting who would do much of what I was getting on Hostmonster for free, and for a fraction of what I’ve been paying Hostmonster, I could get my own private IP address and professional SSL certificate. Despite the pain of migrating the sight, the cost difference is just too good to pass up. As long as the performance remains similar, I think we’ll be very happy here.

Please let me know if you encounter any missing files or anything else that doesn’t appear to be working as expected.



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