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Hi All,

As some of you may have noticed last night, I’m in the process of migrating the website to a new hosting service, which always has its difficulties.  However, in order to test I need to point the orionranchobservatory domain name over to the new server in order to see what’s working and what’s broken.  I’ll be doing that in the evenings for the next day or two (or however long it takes).  Since the WordPress installation that handles this blog is giving me most of the problems at the moment, I’ll be adding a notice to the main page of the website that will let you know when you’re seeing the new host.  As if the other problems wouldn’t be enough to tell that.  The gallery does seem to be working pretty well although the thumbnails aren’t displaying properly.  I may diagnose that first this evening since that’s more important than the blog anyway!

Note that since it tends to take some time for the domain name server (DNS) information to propagate, you may experience period where your browser is attempting to source portions of the website from different locations.  Since I’m using sub domains here (,, all of those have to be refreshed in addition to the main domain name.  You can try refreshing the DNS list on your Windows PC by using “ipconfig /flushdns” from the command line.

Note that for the duration of the changeover, the weather conditions on this site will generally not be updated.  The hosting service I’m leaving isn’t flexible enough to allow me to set up the same FTP account on both sites.

Please bear with me as I attempt this move.



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