It was worth it!!!

While many might question the sanity of driving 850 miles and 13 hours each way for a 2.5 minute event, those who have experienced the totality of a total solar eclipse will generally agree that those who haven’t seen one can’t possibly understand what they’re missing.  The view at totality is phenomenal, and the experience is hard to describe.  Add to that the entire anticipation of watching the Moon crawl across the face of the Sun, the simple joy of solar observing of an active sphere with plenty of sunspots, and the camaraderie of a hundred strangers all enjoying the same event, and you have something not to be missed.

So even though the months spent planning, the many sleepless nights right up to the night before, the gnashing of teeth with both long term and short term forecasts, and constant prayer that the skies would hold up to the event may have been stressful, the end result was well worth the effort.

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