Greetings from Grand Island, Nebraska!

Got up at 4:15 AM Friday (after a very restless four hours or so of sleep) and got on the road by about 4:50. I’d loaded the bed of the pickup full the night before, but had to stop by the office looking for my home-made camera remote I’d misplaced. Actually had it in my tripod bag. Argh! After 13 hours of driving with short restroom and fast-food stops, we arrived in Grand Island and checked in. Another 30-45 minute drive got us to the Cedar Hills Winery outside Ravenna, where I hosted a star party for the visitors there until around 11:15. Tore down by midnight and back to Grand Island for the evening and finally in bed by 1:00 AM.

So how was YOUR day?

Here’s the contents of the truck bed:



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  1. John Davey says:

    We stayed in Ord the night before — about 45 minutes north of Ravenna. Left early Monday morning thinking there might be heavy traffic, but it seems the heavy traffic was from the south on I-80. We had considered heading farther west, but glad we did not. The viewing from the winery was great.

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