New Astrometry Data Now Online!

After quite a bit of work, I’m proud to announce the incorporation of astrometry data to my astrophotography gallery. By incorporating the API from into a custom module I developed for the gallery software, I can now provide annotated views of the images along with details of their location in the sky.  When you hover your mouse over the resized image in the gallery, the annotated version will appear.  You can still click on the image to get the standard full-window view.  On the right side you’ll see the star charts with the image location, starting with a full-sky map and zooming in to show more detail in each subsequent image.

Example astrometry gallery page.

Example astrometry gallery page.

I’ll be adding more features to detail the items found in the image and its exact location and other properties, but I wanted to get this posted before too much time passed.  For now, there’s just a link to the full sized annotated image just below the item description.

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