Visit to Kennedy Space Center

I had the opportunity to tour the John F. Kennedy Space Center outside Orlando, Florida last Sunday.  I took the “Ultimate Experience” tour that included the “Lunch with an Astronaut” (John Blaha who flew five shuttle missions and spent four months on Mir) and an extended bus tour with multiple stops not included in the baseline visit.  This allowed for capture of some good pictures including the Space Shuttle Endeavour on Launch Pad 39A, poised for its last flight (STS-134) next month.  The only problem was that with these scheduled events, there wasn’t enough time to do all of the other stuff they had to offer (Hubble 3-D and Space Station 3-D IMAX movies, shuttle simulator, Star Trek Experience, etc.).  The ticket actually allows guests to come back a second day within the week, but I didn’t know that beforehand and didn’t schedule the time.   

I’ve put the better pictures on the website here.  Just click on the picture below.

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    Thanks for the useful tips. I look forward to using them on my trip.

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