Telescope Collection Menagerie

I have a Celestron 8se that I picked up used and in rather bad shape and after tuning it up I’m planning to resell it to a worthy home.  However, before I let it go I realized I needed to capture a picture of the huge menagerie of OTAs and mounts that I’ve collected in recent years.  Thus, I packed everything up and hauled it all out to the observatory for a photo-op.  I think the results are pretty impressive.  I even have the original culprit telescope framed in the background.  I just should have added all my binoculars and the SkyScout as well!

A trio of Celestron NexStar SCTs:

And a trio of Meade achromatic refractors:

Finally some aerial views:

As usual, there’re more shots in the gallery. Just follow the links.

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