Post of M78 Reflection Nebula and Vicinity

I’ve finally been getting a few good nights of imaging, and have been making some progress with my post processing.  I’m  still taking wide field shots with my AT-80LE, and now have the field flattener installed and working correctly, so things are looking pretty good.  I’ve just posted an image of the nebular regions around Messier 78 (NGC 2068) reflection nebula which includes NGC 2064, NGC 2067, and NGC 2071 as well. This region also contains McNeil’s variable nebula.  With the dark dust nebula running through the middle of the region, this is a really beautiful region near the Horsehead nebula in Orion.  The image was stacked from nine hours of 10 minute subs taken over three nights with my AT-80LE and Celestron Nightscape camera.

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