Long Delayed (Big) Update!

So I haven’t had time to post anything lately, but I’ve been busy with work on the observatory.  I’ve brought everything up to date so there’s lots to look at over on the gallery pages.  I managed to get the last panel of the standing seam roof installed on Sunday right as it started trying to rain on me, so I closed up the observatory until next weekend.  The final step is to add all of the ridge caps, but given that the top ridge will be vented, I can’t do that when there’s chance of rain!

It’s starting to look a lot like the reference image!

I also managed to finally get back and do a bit of astrophotography last month with a pretty decent Trifid Nebula and an acceptable Swan, although in some respects I think my previous attempt has some better detail.

And finally, with all the thunderstorms lately (and very little spotty rain) I thought I’d post some really cool lightning and storm shots. I managed to capture the moon, Venus, and a thunderstorm against the sunset.

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