Introducing “Astro Art”

You may notice that there’s a new folder in the gallery for what I refer to as “Astro Art.”  About a year ago I had an inspiration for an image of what it might look like to see one of the deep sky objects (DSOs) that I’ve imaged from the surface of a nearby planet or moon.  Drawing from my collection of astro and terrestrial photography, I put together my first Astro Art photo of the Whirlpool galaxy above an airless lunar landscape.  I have other concepts in mind, but just haven’t had time to proceed with them.  However, I decided it was finally time to share what I’d done.  I call this piece “Whirlpool Moon.”

I’m treating this artwork a little differently than all the rest of the images on my website.  While there are plenty of sources for astrophotography, many better than mine (NASA’s Hubble images come to mind!), this Astro Art is my own unique creation and each piece is something you won’t find anywhere else.  Thus, I am not distributing full resolution files, but rather I’m making various high resolution prints available for you to own.  While I haven’t yet decided to limit the number of prints sold (I doubt I’ll ever sell enough to warrant that) I am setting the price at a higher markup to reflect my own effort and the value that I place in these items.  I hope you will appreciate these unique works of art and I hope to provide images that will amaze and inspire you.


Dr. Michael D. Foegelle

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