I Backed LightSail!

The Planetary Society with Bill Nye (the Science Guy) had a Kickstarter campaign to develop a light sail CubeSat using public funds.  I just received my notice that they’ve completed the campaign and are ready to send me my goodie bag for supporting the project.  I came across the backer graphics and thought I’d post one here.  I might try to find a spot for it on the main page and direct that here.  For more information click on the image below or go to www.planetary.org.


I’ll see about posting pictures of all the swag once it arrives, but the level I bought includes a centimeter of sail (I don’t get that, it has to go to space!  I just get a certificate.), the ability to send my name (and my family’s names) to space (digitally), and some mission patches, pins, and T-shirt.


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