Happy Independence Day!

Here’s hoping everyone had a Happy 4th of July Holiday (for those of us in the States). I had some family visiting and after shooting off a bunch of fireworks, the skies cleared just enough after all the storms that spun off of Hurricane Alex last week to allow us to do a bit of viewing Sunday night. We managed to take in Saturn, M13 (Hercules Cluster), the Swan Nebula, the Lagoon Nebula, M81 and M82 (Bodes and Cigar galaxies), the Butterfly Cluster, and the Wild Duck Cluster through all the haze before calling it a night. I spent most of the weekend working on another site, but I did add a couple of modules to the photo gallery. They’re experimental, but there are some neat features. After a bit of tweaking I’ll probably replace the random image in the sidebar with the scrollers that are there now.


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