A couple of good weekends

The last couple of weekends have been pretty productive and I’m making some progress on the list of images I have to stack and process.  I’ve finally posted the new Andromeda Galaxy from the end of October, as well as a new Horsehead Nebula from last Friday, which turned out really great despite waking up to a bunch of dew soaked equipment on Saturday!  There’s similar high humidity and cloudy skies predicted for tonight so I wimped out and didn’t go image despite the clear skies at the moment.  On last Saturday night I also managed to get some wide field shots of a couple areas of the Milky Way using the Nikon D90 piggybacked on the ST-80, although the flats didn’t turn out right for them.  Look for these and posts of The Cave Nebula, The Flaming Star Nebula, and possibly a new Orion Nebula over the next week.  The shots of Orion have a bit more background noise than I like for what I want to be able to show, so I may have to reshoot that one.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy!


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