50/50 for April 8th, 2024

Historic predictions from the National Weather Service, as well as my own recollection and records of April weather give us a 50/50 chance of having clear skies here in Central Texas and the rest of the state.  As we’re sitting here today under a band of cloud cover that spans the entire eclipse path with the possible exception of upstate New York and Maine, I’m not overly optimistic about the chances of being able to drive a few hours to get out from under any clouds we may have here, but you never know.  

We’re still planning to host an event here for friends and family, and we’re open to others who may wish to come enjoy the eclipse with us.  We’re still getting settled in our new house, so some of the other things I had hoped to have done by eclipse time aren’t going to happen, but there’s still room for day guests for the event.  That said, I’m also prepared to load up the truck and drive to Dallas or Fredericksburg if the weather doesn’t cooperate!  

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