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  1. When will the humidity LEAVE!!! Was in Iraq and despite the dust almost every single night was 9 on a scale to 10

  2. Peggy Doherty says:

    Thanks for sharing the pics of your Observatory. My husband is so into this stuff, I had bought him a little telescope a few years back and we will try to get out back when things are going on, but his scope is not like yours. He was amazed at the pics you had taken, again thanks for sharing.

    Tim & Peggy Doherty

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the useful tips. I look forward to using them on my trip.

  4. James Dire says:

    My brother owns a ranch bordering the east city limits of Burnet, TX where I keep an 8″ dob to use when I visit. I have also observed and spoken at the Eagle Eye Observatory on Lake Buchannan where the light pollution is not as great. Hope the Orion Ranch is west of Llano. The skies get incredibly dark about 10 miles west of Llano!

    • foegelle says:

      Thanks. Actually, it’s in the Bertram area, which is about 10 miles East of Burnet. Pretty much surrounded by light pollution, but still better than closer in to Austin!

  5. Maxx Brodeur says:

    Hello from Québec !
    I have a nexstar 8se and I take pictures of the sun ,the moon ,the planets.
    I would like to go further and give a try with deep sky imaging ,but I dont have any reference photos and datas…from other 8se owners!
    My scope is on an heavy duty wedge !
    I see someone has a set up with an 8se. can I see some pics and some datas from that
    thank you !

  6. Darron Spohn says:

    Excellent article, Michael. Thank you for clarifying this with a real test showing how voltage can spike well above a power supply’s rated output.

  7. Starrancher says:

    OPT is the nicest brick and morter telescope shop I’ve ever been in .
    The Obsevatory in Texas looks like a nice one from the ads I’ve seen , but it’s been long ago that I’ve been to Texas .

  8. Ryan says:

    I know I’m two years late to the party, but this was highly educational. Thank you!

  9. Tony L says:

    Thanks for posting the pictures; very handy to know what to expect prior to disassembly. Also interesting to note the improved AZ drive compared to the original CPC.
    The Dec drive motor on my CPC bounces around like yours and sometimes makes a ticking sound as it hits the metal arm.

  10. Ian says:

    Thank you for the great detailed description, have you had a chance to run it in anger yet? I have not seen any follow up, I would be very interested in knowing the result of the work, my initial thoughts had been why on earth would you do this to such and expensive bit of kit, how can you possibly improve on the manufacturers efforts, surly they would have used a mix of bearing materials through the results of trials and testing? But having seen the insides, care of yourself, I was surprised to see some parts that appeared to be “not the best” quality, I know everything is made to a cost, but it does make me wonder now, my CPC1100HD cost what I thought was a lot, I sort of expected a bit better. I have had mine a year or so but not had much time on it, the little that I have, have had tracking issues with photography, more likely to be my setting up, but doubt is creeping in.
    One heck of an observatory! There must be loads of us out here thinking “if only!” Fantastic, Cheers, Ian.

    • foegelle says:

      Hi Ian,

      So far it seems to be running fine. The azimuth/RA axis runs smoothly under the full load of the wedge. I’m still debating whether to go into the declination axis again and tighten the spring so that the gear can’t slip teeth at all. If I don’t run perfectly balanced, it will easily skip at the moment. I’m not sure which is better, risking damage from slipping teeth, or damage from not being able to slip teeth!

  11. John Cooney says:

    I purchased a 11 cpc hd which would not connect to sky portal then the dec would not stop so I have sent back the 3rd scope to dealer. Each scope had a whining sound coming from the motor board. One scope actually heated up where the plug board is and all had this hissing sound. what do you think is this problem?

    • foegelle says:

      A whining sound from a power supply is usually due to an inductor that is being driven at a high frequency. It’s basically a coil of wire on a magnetic core, and like a transformer, can make noise if the individual wires are able to move at all under the stress. It’s basically the equivalent a really bad speaker. Normally that’s nothing to worry about, but it sounds like you’ve been having more than your share of problems.

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  13. Chris says:

    Wow, your testing, review and explanation of your experience these products is amazing. Well done and thank you.

  14. Dirk Gouge says:

    Great information, thanks for all your work.

  15. John Davey says:

    We stayed in Ord the night before — about 45 minutes north of Ravenna. Left early Monday morning thinking there might be heavy traffic, but it seems the heavy traffic was from the south on I-80. We had considered heading farther west, but glad we did not. The viewing from the winery was great.

  16. Chris Davey says:

    You were a great asset for our viewing pleasure in Ravenna! Can’t wait to see the rest of your photos.


  17. Heidi Schutz says:

    We are so appreciative of your help and expertise! We know it was a long and wild ride all weekend, but you’re right, it was totally worth it! What an experience! Thanks again for spending your time with us at Cedar Hills Vineyard & Gardens!

  18. Bill Wasser says:

    I’m even later to the party, but I agree – fantastic information! How do we fight it ? Possibly capacitors in the 0.1 uF or less range ? Reversed biased diodes ? Interesting questions…

  19. Brett Waller says:

    I have the same ZWO camera that I want to use for an All-Sky camera. Are you CAD files available so I might make a similar setup?

  20. Ray Rottmann says:

    How can I send you a sample of my camera-generated 3-D star fields?

  21. Joe O says:

    Are you making these for tripods with 2″ legs?

    • foegelle says:

      Good timing! I’m actually working on a design for the NexStar GPS tripods. I’ll send you some information by e-mail.

  22. Good work, not easy to implement all this! I’ve been following this in the ASCOM Yahoo group a bit and it didn’t sound like a straightforward job…

  23. Gabe Delgado says:

    This video was super cool Michael! Thanks for sharing…

  24. Susan says:

    Are you selling any of your 3D printed parts? I have an 8SE and would like to purchase your hand controller mounting bracket.

    • Michael Foegelle says:

      Sure, I can print one for you. I want to tweak the mount part a bit as it doesn’t really need that big flare on the ends. I’m planning to spend some time getting more items listed in the store.



  25. Lee Maisel says:

    Hi Michael!

    I saw your post on CN
    I have a CGE Pro (most recent revision, as is yours), and am losing my mind trying to get the RA worm meshed properly. apparently at some point, both of the rear locknuts came loose, and allowed the whole assembly to move side to side, also, the silver adjustment screw by the spring, the nut apparently vibrated loose, and is allowing free travel.
    I have tried and tried, and Celestron hasn’t been of much help, do you have any insight as to the magical incantations that must be made to get this thing properly aligned/meshed?


    • Michael Foegelle says:

      Hi Lee,

      I played with it a bit and think things improved at least for a while, but can’t say I think I’ve resolved my issue completely. I certainly haven’t dug into all of the components so I can’t really tell you much about what you’re facing, although I sympathize with your plight! I had something similar when I first got my Deluxe CPC where I discovered that the pin that the whole motor assembly twists around to mesh the worm had slid out on the DEC axis and the whole thing rocked back and forth on half the hinge. I’d suggest responding to the post or starting a new one on CN and getting what help you can there. I’ll provide feedback as I’m able, but detailed pictures of everything you’re seeing is probably a good starting place.

      Good Luck!


    • Michael Foegelle says:

      Hi, I can ship internationally, but just don’t have a way to automatically calculate the postage. Send me an email through the contacts page with your shipping address and I can get a custom quote.



    • Michael Foegelle says:

      Hi Mike,

      From a quick search, I believe that’s the same as the one for my NexStar GPS. In general I believe this one fits, but you can’t really use the eyepiece holder given how high it sits. I’ve created a direct replacement for that original adapter, although now that I have a larger printer, I can probably do it as a one-piece print or at least fewer parts. As far as the openings, you’d lose the use of it as a 2″ eyepiece holder, and the way the legs fold down is wider than the one this is designed for. I’ll try to e-mail you to discuss further.



  26. Wanda Lach says:

    hello there from Australia. I have been searching for information on how to take the covers off my Celestron 9.25 CPC fork arms. We have wild wild winds down my neck of the woods (Snowy Mountains NSW) and even though I though my telescope was pretty much safe (under veranda and against a wall) the wind still got to it. Luckily the telescope itself appears to be totally undamaged but the forks took the brunt of the fall and are cracked and broken. I can no longer lift the telescope with the handle because the fork cover is pretty much broken. I have received spare parts but have no idea how to go about removing the covers. Any help would be really wonderful!

  27. Hi appreciate the info on taking apart the CPC. I have a CPC 1100 that was highly modified by someone else. Everything works well except guiding in one axis in y. Been an issue since we moved here 3 years ago. My guess is something loosened in the move and I have not nailed it down yet. Your images are the only images I could find of a CPC clutch assembly. My guess is that the set screws and nut are loose which is causing too much play which gives too much backlash. Lst time I had it apart I did not realize there were set screws on the clutch! I checked into someone else doing an upgrade and at 700+ dollars I am doing it myself!

    • Michael Foegelle says:

      Hi Paul, glad to help. When you say “guiding” are you referring to autoguiding in declination? If so, then you’re probably facing a bug in the Celestron firmware that I finally deduced after having the same problem with every Celestron scope I’d had (8SE, CGEM, CPC, and finally CGE Pro). Mechanical adjustment may improve it, but it won’t fix the underlying problem in the firmware design. Celestron fixed it in the CGE Pro right about the time I found it, but it still took them a couple years to release it publicly. At the time, they weren’t sure they were going to fix any of the older scopes, including the CPC, but you might try a firmware upgrade and see. I’ve posted elsewhere about the problem, but don’t have time to dig one up at the moment. I might just add a blog post for the heck of it!